How to get your toddler to say their first 10 words using specific language and sign language


Years of research have revealed it is more beneficial to utilize specific words with your toddlers in order to improve language.  Adults and caregivers need to use high-quality words in order to teach toddlers language.  We often use “this, there, that, it” in reference to items when using more specific language would be beneficial.

For example:

Instead of saying “Give it to me,” say “Give the cup to me” while signing for cup.

cup sign.gif


Instead of saying “Go get it,” say “Go get your shoes.”

sign for shoe.jpg


Instead of saying “Do you want it?” ask “Do you want the book?”

sign for book.jpg


As your child begins to understand the phrases above, add more details so they begin to hear more and different words:

“Give your pink princess cup to me”

“Go get your gold sandals.”

“Do you want the Llama book?”

Using specific and descriptive language can help your little one grow their skills as they become older. 



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