Valentine's Day Heart Conversations

Will you be my Valentine and have a sweet speech therapy aimed heart conversation? This is the perfect holiday to indulge in candy and conversation with your kiddos. Below you will find two Valentine’s Day Heart speech therapy conversation options you can have with your kids. Be sure to focus on the words/sounds your child is struggling with and don’t forget to have fun! 

paper heart.jpg

Option 1: Conversation Paper Hearts

All you need is colored paper, scissors and markers. Take the colored paper and cut them into 10 medium sized hearts. Then use specific vocabulary and sounds that your child is currently struggling with. Keep the text rather short. For example, if your kid is focusing on the TH sound you could write “mouth, path, bath, north, south etc.” Have your child say each TH word on the different colored hearts. After your child pronounces the TH sound correctly, have them take the word and put it into a sentence and/or conversation. If you used the word ‘mouth’ your child could say: “My brother has a mouth” or “I can see inside my dog’s mouth.” This option (1) is nice because you can directly customize the text to your child’s speech therapy needs. Once your child says all 10 words correctly and uses them in a sentence/conversation you can reward your child with a real candy heart!


Option 2: Conversation Candy Sweethearts

This is an easier option as all you need is one box of classic Valentine’s Sweethearts. Open the box and spread the hearts out. Have your child take each heart and repeat the words. If your kiddo said the text correctly, have your child create a conversation using each heart. This is a fabulous way for your kid to be creative, work on sentence structure and word articulation. Keep a tally of each Sweetheart that is pronounced correctly. Once your child pronounces 5 Sweethearts correctly, he/she can eat a candy heart! This option (2) is easier setup wise but not as effective because you can’t control the text on the hearts. However, it’s still a great way to get your child speaking and using different sounds and words. 

I hope you and your kiddos have a blast having Valentine’s day heart conversations!