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For parents, caregivers, and those working with infants, toddlers and early preschoolers.


Who are we?

Lindsey and Rebecca

We're two moms and licensed speech-language pathologists who want to empower parents to communicate with their children-all the way from infants to preschoolers.  We have over 15 combined years of experience and we've helped hundreds of children communicate more effectively.

All parents have questions.  There's feeding, diapering, sleep and our favorite, communication.  We started Toddler Talking because we want parents to have every tip and technique about how to communicate at their fingertips.


Resources and downloads

Get a head start on helping your little one with our free communication techniques:

Expressive language techniques

Receptive language techniques


Parent & Family Communication Consulting

Toddlers Talking offers both in-person and email consulting to make sure parents get the help they need in helping their infants and toddlers grow their speech and language skills.

One time email question:  free!  Email us at toddlertalkingtt@gmail.com

Basic consulting package (up to ten emails):  TBA

In-person consultation only with written recommendations:

-45 minutes:  TBA

-1 hour:  TBA

-2 hours:  TBA

In-person consultation with email follow-up (up to ten emails):  TBA


Recommended products for infants and toddlers